New things on Pizzatron 3000

 Click Lever for surprise (see below)

Candy Style pizza…O YEAH!

PAINTBOY100’s Pic fake????

If u look at Paintboy100’s Rockhopper pic, shown below (top), the smiley face is covered up by the pic of Rockhopper. look at my pic compared to his (bottom). the smily face covers up the picture and that caught my eye.


New Funny Pics

By the way, this is my copyright insignia.

– My brother (don’t ask) lol



-haha   He waves when you put ur mouse over it!!!


– NEW PIN (fake)




Hey. U know the first site that comes up when u search club penguin cheats, called

it says it has a guide.  Its not real.

 If u want u can get past the phone thing at the bottom and type “reserved”

I looked at the source page and they gave the password away!!!!! pretty dumb, huh?

Just lettin ya know

Only the speaker and mouse recorder work. they ar still pretty cool. 

waddle on

All the stuff is right here!!
See below to download the Guide and CheatsClick here for the Guide!
This is a very very easy to follow guide.Click here for the mouse recorder!
This is a very very simple program to use.Click here for the Fast Talker!

Click here for the item duper!
If you need help with this program check the included help system. There is no way I could have used this without it.

Happy Cheating!Please Note: The use of such programs may be against the game rules. If you get caught using one of these programs you may have your account banned. We are not resposible for any such actions if you use these programs! Use at your own risk


Nobody copy this

-Hu Flung Pu