30 thoughts on “Found Dendo Guy

  1. dudes the weidest thing happened like 5 minutes ago and i thought i should tell u. i was skating on the bunny hill so i could get coins and i looked at my penguin and the color changed from black to blue and the name changed from dan 44 to ilovtex.guess i was cotrolling somebody elses penguin oh and by the way screw rune scape i just got banned from it and im only 10

  2. who the heck is this dendo guy? is he, like an evil hxcker, or is he special, or is he famous? sum1 plz tell me i wanna kno!!!

  3. oh, so, like, a few days ago I saw Dendo Guy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked to be his friend like, 1,000 times but he never even responded. At the time he was with a penguin named Tiki 130 I think, and I asked to be Tiki’s friend, but he said no. At least he responded. But I still don’t get why Dendo Guy’s so special. ^_^

  4. who cares about famous penguins. Paintboy, Antras, dendo guy, chewit dude, pinkmafias, are all NERDS!!! FOR REAL!! I MEAN WHAT KIND OF 14 YEAR OLDS PLAY CLUBPENGUIN? THEY’RE HIGHSCHOOLERS! THEY ARE NERDS! SO WHO CARES ABOUT THEM? WHO WANTS TO MEET A BUNCH OF DUMB NERDS!

  5. Comment 23 isn’t the real Dendo Guy,
    I think… because the username links to a website other than Penguin Party Zone.

    ~ Mariko216 ~
    P.S. We are having MOD tryouts at my website, just click on my name and look for the MOD Tryouts! post… 😛

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