New Mission

The case of the missing coins has been added to agent missions. Follow the directions and look at the pics below for more help.

1. Talk to the agent that is in front of you and talk to him until he closes the vault door. Then he tries to re-open it.2. Go to the office and look under the couch in the office. Take the floppy dirve and the paper clip.

3. Go to the computer in the office. Turn it on and put the floppy drive in.

4. When you are in the computer, find the vault numbers, when you find the numbers there will be either a N, E, S, or W infront of them. They stand for North East South and West.

5. Go to the vault and enter the numbers you got from the computer.

6. Go into the vault and click on the coins that are stuck to the ceiling.

7. Go to G and watch the video clip of the vault.

8. Talk to G until he says you should go to the roof. He opens the drawer next to him for you to get a key.

9. Get the square key that says “roof top” and is on the left.

10. Go to the gift shop office, then go to the door leading to the roof.

11. Click and drag the key to the roof top door.

12. Go to the roof and use the screw driver on the “Powa Box”.

13. Go into the “Powa Box” and click and drag the paper click into the box.

14. Go back to the vault and talk to the agent who is there.

15. Go back to G and talk to him until he talks about that the magnet that was stolen from him.

16. Keep on talking to G until he asks you about the other mission.

17. Go up to the roof and get the fur on the vent..

18. Give G the fur.

19. Go to the night club

20. Put on your night vision goggles and Go to the boiler room.

21. Now scroll around untill you see a silver box of wires. click it

22. Play with the buttons until all of them are green.

23. Go back to G and you’re done!

By Hu Flung Pu

39 thoughts on “New Mission

  1. To needhelp— Try getting them all red then push all 4 corners and then the middle. If you have all 4 corners green and everything else red, click all the corners.
    I know how to do this cuz i have a game thats exactly like that but its 5×5 instead of 3×3 🙂

  2. Also to change the cursor temporarily to the arrow that you get when scrolling over a door, click and hold the door then move the cursor somewhere else. your cursor sould now be a large white arrow that u get scrolling over doors, however if you scroll over anything that changes ur cursor like doors or inventory slots your cursor changes back to normal. hope this helps 🙂 😦 ❗


    go to the hq room and click on the man . . .

    then he will ask if theres something wrong click the first box and he will say . . .

    take my light by the books . . .

    thats how i did it and it works just as good hehe

    thanks bi bi xx

    to thank me just send me a postcard on club penguin lol

    xxxx great website xxx

  4. That is so easy. Thank you so much for the help. And you rock. And please give the newest, or lateset information.

  5. thats sssssssssso great i can`t wait for the next misson
    u helped me do my fav misson i can`t wait



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