Easter egg hunt locations


When you collect all the eggs you get a prize! So find them all.

Egg #1: lighthouse

Egg #2: coffee shop

Egg #3: mine shack

Egg #4: pizza parlor

Egg #5: cave

Egg #6: town

Egg #7: boiller room

Egg #8: telescope at beacon

Somethin at the end, so finish!

41 thoughts on “Easter egg hunt locations

  1. yay im eigth wow your great and right it was bad this morning but for me also at evening how did you find all the eggs?

  2. hey does anyone want to meet me and rockhopper well if you do then post things at freewebs.com/moofytheninth and if i see your post i will tell you where to meet me

  3. I wonder why club penguin is so slow now?Maybe ANOTHER viuris!!!NOOO not again!!!My laptop(its relly my dads)takes like…15 minutes to load the news!!And I checked the quality of the laptop(how fast it loads)and it was…EXELENT!!!!but cp was still slow!!:(

  4. Cool. Too bad it is over and my penguin is not born that time. TOO BAD!!! I feel like I wanna cry ya know. This is a secret and becos I am a tomboy and tomboys don’t cry, please keep this as a PRIVATE SECRET!!!
    (P.S Thanks if you dun say it out and those who say it out I am going to find out ya penguin name and ban ya cos I am a secret agent.)

  5. Hey my sis is Hilary Kwan! She is almost famous. I dunno how she did that but I want to have more coins than her. I have only about 40000 and above. My sis got 70000 and above!!! Help me to get more money cos I am planning to buy everything in December cos that will be when I become a member. I dun wanna buy only a stinking newspaper hat when I become a member. Other penguins will laugh at me.n

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