Hu Flung Pu in Rememberance

A few days ago, as many of you know, Hu Flung Pu was banned forever for owning this website.

Here You can say things about him if you knew him and what you think about club penguin for doing this.

I can send the comments of this post to Club Penguin to see if there is any hope of him being unbanned.


81 thoughts on “Hu Flung Pu in Rememberance

  1. hi im also making a army its called H.F.P.P.A if you join you follow this dress code and spots avalibal.
    sergants(4) black hoddie,black sneakers,sunglasses

    agents(8) all agent clothes in the F.I.S.H

    soldiers parka,russian hat or night vision goggles,back pack,winter boots

    messengers(2) parka messenger bag or back pack

    senators(4)proppeler cap

    oh the mettings are at Corpral Pen’s house 7:00 penguin standard time at server Alaska

  2. hey man you gave wonderful cheats that helped me alot i think you should be unbanned you were really cool i think it is just sad that your leaving it is just horrible.Thank-you for all your help i really hope you are unbanned.

  3. Hu Flung Pu was a great penguin. He provided hope when there was none. He gave help to those in need. He wasn’t perfect, but who really is? I say that he should be given another chance.

  4. huflungpu i was crying when i heard i hope ur unban plz be unban u told me a lot of cheats u were the best penguin plz! be unban u r beder than paintboy100 first time met u i was skreaming thank you alot!i am very sad!

  5. huflungpu i will give club penguin a e-mail to unban u because i am a nice angel who helps people out i will tell u if u got unbaned ok.

  6. Well i didnt send it to them but you can say : Hi.I am e-mailing you to unban my penguin Hu Flung Pu. He was my favorite penguin and when i heard he got banned forever i cried my eyes out.Please unban him i am beging you he was my friend i am so sad. I was never this sad i was always happy.Now i am sad.Please I am begging you unban him.If you do you will remember this nice thing you did for a person.Thats the goal to do something nice to people, to help people in needs. Please help me in my need i am begging you.I will always remember you if you do this and. Always remember this the peoples goal in this world is to do nice things for one another please unban him.

  7. opps there mistkes will u can just fix them well send this to club penguin and i hope you get unban if u do post it well bye

  8. hi its me matt i am going to put this post to help the unbanning up our leader hu flung pu and i think it would be great if he was still here giving us orders on how to be better ppl in clubpenguin.

    thanks: deepr

  9. yo wats up. i saw HU FLUNG PU’S password in PASSWORD BOX!!! oh my gosh thats how he got banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. who put hu flung pu’s password in the password box??? i dont like u who ever u are!!!!!! u banned my leader!!!!!

  10. never mind what i said about the war about join uma i will join but not if hfpa is still going on? or if u dont want it ill have it but u have to tell me details if u give it to me!

  11. yo k dude u did not asked to have the army u just said i takeing over and u can just say ur go to take it over then u let it get boring then go to ur army and let everbody join ur so man i not stiped a i am leting u mebay ur doing that and i dont really care how get it but i want mubble he is reliable.i just saying not like stating a fight.

  12. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha u r banned u dumb idiot.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    i am glad he got banned. n i know who did it but im not ganna tell u.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  13. he will be unbanned only if mr k dudes get the army and punkbird go fall in a dich you bich ok mr k dude has a small 5 man army and he needs more men even if he has to make his army jion your army arrg

  14. I feel really bad about hung flu pu too, he was great. If you wish to get some pokemon walkthroughs or action replay max codes go to

  15. Hu flung pu was a GREAT penguin i cant belive he got banned! He was my buddy and he teached me lots of stuff when i first joined club penguin. He was great! GET UNBANNED HU FLUNG PU GET UNBANNED!

  16. OMG hu flung pu sounds awesome…….i hate to say it, but, he sounds even better than himself…. as u know him…………..THE FIRE ADMIRAL….and the fire admiral is wicked man. he sent me a stupid card sayin get better soon. and he doesnt even talk 2 u.. LOL

  17. LOL im the jester of the sand castle!!!! how stupid iz that ppl?? i know i know itz soundz like royalty, but they treat u like crap!!!!!! im not kidding

  18. the queen and king of the sand castle are like, weirdish and their minds are like ……………………….. see what im sayin? i mean their not so smart LOL hope u get unbanned hu flung pu…….. and the army sounds AWESOME

  19. listen here
    flug was a great penguin
    he was my buddy
    im bee789 and im with my freind jmouse180 and peppermilk24
    we all no
    flug he was a great flue
    no that was a joke lol
    but u listen i hope u stupied club peguin people now this now u are cruel and that flug was just trying to help oh yea rock on

  20. he was hacked for sure it was the penguin name rugwarrior and his pass is mojam ban him forever and i nwill get onto his and ban him un bann HU FLUNG PU!!!!!!


  22. guys I sent them a letter and i hope that Hu flung pu gets unbanned. he was a penguin that us smaller penguins look up to.He was like meeting Rockhopper infact probably better then meeting Rockhopper,Billybob and Rsnail at the one time!!!

  23. Let him go it is not like his cheats rhurtingyou it is helping us and then if you bannden HIM, PEOPLE WILL STOP USEING CP!!!!!!!

  24. just find me there and ill be posten tht he should be unbannded for good so let him go or ill get ta preident of ta united states after ya thts right i may just be alil girl but i got my ways dude and dudets peace out and let him go

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