Rockhopper Brought Back Some Stuff

New Stuff From Rockhopper!
Rockhopper’s Stuff

New Pin In Ski Lodge!!!
New Pin 6-22

It Looks like a Storm is coming! 😮

Storm Coming?


Hey Everyone,

I am just warning you about the so called “new” CP Trainer 3 that many of you may have found from This program has the same hack methods as the previous CP Trainer 2 and most of them don’t even work. This one is not made by Jake and you have a very high chance of being permanently banned. I suggest for you to wait for the good one to come out which is made by Jake. If you choose to wait for it, just check his site at

Hu Flung Pu

Catalogue Secrets

Hey…Sorry. my computer has not been working. this is from paintboy100 @

There is a bug in some items and when you click them a message appears “item does not exist”. CP team will fix that soon and you will be able to buy the items

Divers helmet

Red vikink helmet

Blue viking helmet: open and close the viking helmet 4 times

Blue Cape