182 thoughts on “H.F.P.A. (Hu Flung Pu Army)

  1. I would like to be in your cool army because of you and because i would like to meet other cool penguins like you.

    penguin 21694156

  2. I would like to be in your army cuz of you and i would like to meet other cool penguins like you.

    Hu Flung PU

  3. i wuld like to be i dont know but i hope i could be something but too bad i’m not a member. i have been playing since the summer party though

  4. I want to be a soldier because i have a ST.Patricks Day hat and pirate boots.I also have a cool house and i don’t want to wait to be a secret agent to be in a club.

  5. OK
    Socjoe or whatever-General
    Billy999Joe-Special ops or soldier depending on if you hsve the cloths

    Hu Flung Pu

  6. i can kfight i have the choles and i am a very charming warrior iam 79 days old so i will fight and win all wars and never scoul agent the enemy i am mr k dude the warrior

  7. i can kfight i have the choles and i am a very charming warrior iam 79 days old so i will fight and win all wars and never scoul agent the enemy i am mr k dude the warrior i and never fear iam the man iam a champion

  8. hello i would like to be a general my name is Mattt151 (on cp) and i think i would make a very good general because i have the fastest throw in cp and i will be a great leader!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pie jordan can be a soldier
    blazinmatrix can be a soldier, a sergeant, or a special ops
    gamer 89 can be a soldier
    evan can be a soldier
    Matt151 can be a General
    The king 48 can be a sergeant
    Mr K dude can be a special ops for now, if u get the clothes, i will boost u to a general

    Congradulations on joining the HFPA, spread the word!!!

    We will fight the U.M.A and any other armies that get in our way!!!

    Waddle on,
    Hu Flung Pu

  10. it is punkbird 24 i am try to tell u that can my be on the the 6 Special Ops can i have my picher on there and can their be a 3 presidint and when is are next see each other. from your #1 fan punkbird24!

  11. hi boss it is punkbird24 wat up i heard there was a uma it is a another army so whatch out from ur number #1 fan and will i move up to diffenter place mabey if mumble stop i can be vice present again from ur #1 fan punkbird24. lol

  12. hi i want to know if i can be in the clubpenguin army i throw snowballs very good and i run fast and if im in it can i be co president

  13. yo it punkbird hi BOSS i want to be vice preindent plz!!! iam ur 1# FAN U R SO KOOL mumble3397 is not a good vice preindent because i am your #1 fan!
    plz! think about it and if iam my frends want to join i will bring more in the army from punkbird24

  14. can i be vice president so there will be 4 vice president robot boy 07 mr k dude punkbird24 and mumble3397 please let me be vice president

  15. Oh yeah, I forgot, My Pengy name is Mr Me05 and I want to be part of the H.F.P.A because,
    1. My friend is part of the U.M.A. so I want to be part of the H.F.P.A
    2. I want to engage in massive snow ball fights and I want to be part of your army when you conker Club Penguin!!!!!

  16. Hi hu flung pu can i be boss im searlisly real good at it juat to tell you i go on blizzard in my igloo or the dojo because i want to see if you can really become a ninja by the way are you a ninja because if you are let me be one also

  17. hu flung pu when will i be in the army please let me be in the army please my buddys mumble and k dude ar in the army i know them in real life they go to my school so please can i be in the army i will come to every meating on friday at the book room only sometimes i mite have to go some where

  18. And punkbird24, SHUT UP.

    This is not ur army to make those decisions

    if u say something like that again, i will kick u out of HFPA

    and by the way, NYY is ME. that is my username inwordpress, i am Hu Flung Pu

  19. I have the original St. Patties day hat,(can prove with pin) and i have the propeller hat and so forth, im an EXPERIENCED club penguin player. I was one of the FIRST to join the game, and my first account was deleted because he was only in the BETA testing.

  20. ever body turning on me and i am not sayng this. just give me i more chance i will shut up. plz! i more chance?i just want to be in this army plz!?and r we fight the peppers?

  21. yo!!!!! hi my real username in club penguin is rune runy lol anyway i wanna join ur army 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can i be a leader………ok? goodluck 😉

  22. lol hello my brother is rune runy i wanna join ur army 😉 i wanna be a soldier so……..anyway have a nice day! 😉

  23. and add my bro as a noob soldier ok? (he stinks!)
    and srry lol
    im desperate make me a leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or im gonna make 1000k coments!!!!!!! bye:) :@

  24. rickymost1 your a sick pervert and i hope you die a bloody painful death where clowns eat your skin you sick freak!

  25. finally someone posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omfg anywat hi david yo!!!!!!!!!!!! (don wattle) 😉 anyway im off to runescape

  26. u again? nateaza lol (she’s on my class) anyway’s make me something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty for talking to zhaotian….bye!!!! 🙂 😉

  27. uhhhh if u ask….ill gonna tell everyone i no……in here…these people are in my class and im gonna say in usernames……anyway lovetodamax,robot boy 07,brownieboy05,uhhhhh….don wattle….rickymmost1…..omg….nvm bye noobs

  28. Hi, im not a member,but im more than 1 years old.Im come from Hungary,and i will join cuz i love clubs and armys and i love to meet cool penguins.Like you and the other pepole.

  29. Do you have to be a boy to be in an army??

    cuz I’m a girl and I used to be in Paintboy100’s army but i quit (cuz i don’t like him) anyway thats the

    only army i’ve been in and PRETTY plz give me a chance to be something i dont care what

    but i want to be a part of ur army!
    P.S i am a nonmember

    cp name: Soccer7896

  30. De Grime Reapa why you gotta be hatten?? you don’t have to be mean and say mean words!!! if you act like that … people are going to think your a kid … and at first i thought you were a mad kid, i kinda still think you are!



  31. Sorry, my friend put the user as paintboy100 so the name went on paintboy100 im sorry, i forgot to put my user!! that comment above, was a comment by Soccer7896!


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